2010 red sox schedule

The Red Sox won 89 games but stayed in contention for a postseason spot until the final week of the season. Red Sox Nation is sure to be out in full force wherever the Sox go throughout the course of the season, giving you all sorts of ways to head out and see for yourself if the Red Sox have the pedigree of a champion this time around. R#�ԣ���G#Lx��o��hxNA3N�7N$���B���m�X�����F�0�E ͋�A��,f#��l�����)����m�����i[�8D?���E��%;뮜��"��D����X��za�Rd�}"��R�ĥHl�2UY��ٹ�Sҁ���/����T��-��i�_� �[j�Q�S�ֿ W��{X��������gIl0�7O9�$���d;?/K�Z֋O�i'��Ũ�Q/�N7�R�>?b-�;�5O��?�&������ MLՌt����u�G�1A�kD�����]��������*[L���X�������9�F�Qr������^����ȒR�����������ʭz��� �VsR��M A big reason they didn't reach expectations were injuries. %����

Visit ESPN to view the Boston Red Sox team schedule for the current and previous seasons Atlanta Braves (4) @ Pittsburgh Pirates (2) Boxscore. With a record of 89 wins and 73 losses, the Red Sox finished third in the American League East, seven games behind the Tampa Bay Rays, and failed to advance to the postseason for the first time since 2006. We still think there's a good hitter in there ... Jeremy [Hermida] is a player who hasn't fulfilled his potential yet.
He's got quickness, he's got great hands. <>>> Chicago Cubs (5) @ Texas Rangers (4) Boxscore. RED SOX ROSTER (projected) When the season opens on July 23-24, teams can sport rosters of up to 30 players, with a minimum of 25. 2010 RED SOX SCHEDULE APRIL Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1 2 3 4 NYY 8:05 5 6 NYY 7:10 7 NYY 7:10 8 9 kc 8:10 10 kc 7:10 11 kc 2:10 12 min 4:10 13 14 min 1:10 15 min 1:10 16 TB 7:10 17 TB 7:10 18 TB 1:35 19 TB … Baltimore Orioles (6) @ Washington Nationals (7) Boxscore He's got all the attributes you look for in a third baseman. The Red Sox opened the year fully expecting to be back in the postseason for the seventh time in Theo Epstein's eight years as general manager. Don't be fooled by lower list prices from the top competitors. There is also a fifth-year vesting option worth $17 million, with a $3 million buyout. x��}]�&7��}�����}V��v��۫�J$6���b �.L� ����O����r�.��dw}��lW��/?��˿��O����? The deal also includes a full no-trade clause, $8.5 million signing bonus, $6.5 million in 2010, and $16 million in each of the final three guaranteed seasons. 2010 Boston Red Sox Statistics 2009 Season 2011 Season Record: 89-73, Finished 3rd in AL_East ( Schedule and Results ) The Red Sox announced the broadcast schedule for the 2010 spring training season on Tuesday. %PDF-1.5 {�6��lJ�Ta��?|W�,�@m�5�B�z��M|�ZflV����H��}3�vs#?���!d�@�X�}"!z����>���8��_�LO��?�(k��]U��sq �����`ӭ3�is��!�c��0�S�`(ua�MʜxGU�b� @� �FP*Ʋ�a,�^� j�uw��d�aҋ?�)=~vl�G� �F��(��.��%I�BH#v@/�,���vH�"���)�2�LB|J�>�oW�T3��X�! The most runs scored against them (13) was played on May 29, 2010 versus the Cleveland Indians. Boston Red Sox (5) @ Philadelphia Phillies (0) Boxscore. His feet are tremendous. NESN will air nine of the team's 35 exhibition games, including seven games from the Red Sox… Ace Ticket is Boston's trusted source for Red Sox tickets. No tickets available for this team. He has the ability to be a very well-rounded player and, in fact, a leader on the team. View the latest Boston Red Sox news, scores, schedule, stats, roster, standings, players, rumors, videos, photos, injuries, transactions and more from FOX Sports. 1 0 obj The Red Sox opened and closed the season at Fenway Park against the New York Yankees – the last time the team opened and closed a season at home against the Yankees was 1950. With free & easy pickup at our Fenway store, Ace is your best option for Sox tickets. Boston travels to Philadelphia, Colorado and San Francisco.

Second baseman Dustin Pedroia, the team's emotional leader, … The Red Sox will open the 2010 season at home on Monday, April 5 versus the Yankees. In his only full season with the Red Sox, he notched a .267 average, hitting 36 HR and 119 RBI (both career highs) and earning the first To continue the impressive and economical 2009–10 offseason by the Boston front office, Theo Epstein added former Mariner and Speculation arose, however, concerning the intellectuality of this move, as many had questioned Beltre's offensive capabilities, and those of the Red Sox themselves, stating that the loss of Jason Bay would hurt the club, who have won at least 95 games in all but one of Terry Francona's seasons as manager. The best of NESN delivered straight to your inbox. The Red Sox and Yankees will play six series, four of them on a weekend, and the two rivals open and close the season in Boston. He's really a weapon defensively, and we're looking forward to having him help our run prevention. Check out our great selection of Discount Red Sox Tickets. Catcher/first baseman Ever since the 2004 departure of former Red Sox star-shortstop On December 9, Boston made a move for the bettering of their bullpen, which had lost both The following week, on December 16, 2009, Boston made a double-headed offseason splash that eclipsed the Scutaro signing the previous month. Envelope with Letter. During the regular season the 2010 New York Yankees scored the most runs (14) on May 8, 2010 versus the Boston Red Sox. {����_>�٧/�|��G?��x�9������G�e��'^f��Z�,R?��|����7��/>������&3o��?�Γ����կ>�� ����\N@��v߼?�Oc������z��g�/�7��ˇ}��^���O����������� Y �4�rN��g_|��H�D4��W �M��Y?��q��Q��lZ �D���8��i��C���>�,�����i��}x�P�?�h�?�b�|��s��� ��>���yy����U�\�4������0���Mh�2�O;�O�Sdz��M�ި��3&�!��B�‰�rF�_���X�R4Jz�%M}�Jz=���-39�O�����Ύk���� ���6!h�:-����oQI��YE\fSOO�"l~��R���Z��Pa�Ә>a/�M)R��$m�c\�*c�����b��E8���FL��u蛚��M�lM�O�v}ζY��I�ķ�ȗ��*�"��b)i��j�^�B�ϵO��=��ͅM}�

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