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He will be sentencedin MayOne of the conditions, he said, was for the club to agree with police - prior to the tie on April 15 - on the methods of entry into the stadium and that meant the arrangements of, and number of, turnstiles to be used for admission to the West Stand terraces and the north-west terraces at the Leppings Lane end.Mr Matthews said: 'It is the prosecution case that Mr Mackrell committed a criminal offence by agreeing to, or at the very least turning a 'blind eye' to, or by causing through his neglect of his duty, this breach by the club of this condition.' 'I have not fought the justice system in this country for 30 years to see my fight for my son culminate in yet another unbalanced legal process. To me that is a disgrace. The gave the decision by a 7-2 majority.Following a nine-week trial in Preston and 29 hours of deliberation, a jury failed to reach a verdict.The jury did however find former Sheffield Wednesday club secretary Graham Mackrell guilty of failing to discharge his duty under the Health and Safety at Work Act.A jury has failed to reach a verdict in the case against David Duckenfield, pictured today Around 60 family members who watched the case via a video-link in Liverpool gasped as the jury foreman told the court they could not reach a verdict for Duckenfield. 'Secondly, and more seriously, I do not believe it was right for you to make a statement to the jury explaining any lack of visible emotion as being down to PTSD. 'I can also tell you that it sticks in the throats of families who have suffered much worse over the last 30 years. 'Mrs Aspinall said she received a response from the judge's clerk which stated he was unable to correspond with her while legal proceedings were ongoing.The Judicial Office said it would not comment on individual cases.The revelation over the letter comes comes as the furious families of Liverpool football fans killed in the Hillsborough disaster demanded to know who was responsible for their deaths. We MUST get Britain open again, writes Professor SIR JOHN...Beauty salon is slammed after putting up poster denying coronavirus exists and telling customers they don't...More than 180,000 people in Caerphilly will remain in lockdown until OCTOBER at the earliest, say health...Coronavirus deaths hit 24-week low of 73 in final week of August, official data shows - but fatalities from...Cases of Covid-19 were at least THREE TIMES higher than official statistics showed during the peak of the...Rising Covid-19 cases are headed by a three-fold rise in infections in people in their teens and 20s, data...'I shot the video and it was a huge mistake': Icelandic beauty queen's cousin admits she posted Snapchat...EXCLUSIVE: Shamed England stars Phil Foden and Mason Greenwood return to UK as it emerges they tried to...Mason Greenwood breaks his silence on sneaking an Icelandic beauty queen into England's team hotel as he...Lewis Hamilton is mocked for saying he'll cut his carbon footprint with new £80,000 top-of-the-range...'She's done NOTHING wrong at all': Novak Djokovic urges his fans to stop sick threats at the line judge...Belarus opposition leader 'tears up her passport at Ukrainian border' to stop her deportation after she was...'You're getting pimped out by white men:' Cardi B hits back at Candace Owens after the conservative...Students 'were forced to kiss without consent' in acting classes at leading drama school being sued by two...BLM protesters who screamed 'f*** the white people' at Pittsburgh diners and drank their beer insist they...Out of this world: Family discover rare 'alien-like' sea creatures 'worth £50,000' washed up on a UK beach 'It was like a warzone': BTP officer told of 'carnage' after Manchester bombing with 'nuts and bolts...Four boys aged ten to 13 'gang rape four-year-old girl' in South AfricaWhat irony! The Duckenfields, who have two grown-up daughters, have in their own way served a kind of sentence. This service is provided on News Group Newspapers' Limited's Our journalists strive for accuracy but on occasion we make mistakes. The exit tunnels were blocked by the flood of incoming fans. 'This statement seems to be designed to elicit support and sympathy for the position of the defendant and I am not sure what evidence you have to support it. In the aftermath Duckenfield told a 'terrible lie' that drunken, ticketless fans had forced the gate themselves, setting the narrative that they were to blame.He finally accepted he made mistakes and was ultimately to blame for fans' deaths when he gave evidence at the new inquests in March 2015.Ben Myers, QC, defending, told the trial that Duckenfield's inquest admissions were 'wrung' out of him following six days of questioning.He insisted his client had not admitted being criminally negligent and it was unfair to single him out.Yesterday the jury accepted Mr Myers claims that a combination of factors, including bad stadium design, poor planning, crowd behaviour, police behaviour, individual mistakes and human error, came together in a 'catastrophic fashion' which Duckenfield could not have been expected to have foreseen.The trial had nearly collapsed when a female juror complained about a male juror who made repeated derogatory comments about Duckenfield, saying he 'needs to die'. Prosecutor Richard Matthews QC had told the court that Duckenfield had the 'ultimate responsibility' for the police operation as well as 'personal responsibility' to take reasonable care for the arrangements put in place.Mr Matthews said: 'We, the prosecution, are not calling evidence to prove that David Duckenfield's failings were the only cause of that crush, only that David Duckenfield's exceptionally bad failings were a substantial cause.'

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