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The Lyve Story

It all started during summer 2015 when two of our founders were heavily involved with two Home Owners’ Association boards and realized how complex the operation was. From having a good database, managing collection, to communicating with residents and managing services. The idea of having an app to bridge the gap between residents and management was then born at the office of Orion 360 Business Services and Consulting. After building on the concept the Orion partners got in the partners from SAND development to handle the technical work in exchange for equity. 

The idea was then pitched in December 2015 to Palm Hills Development, one of the top real estate developers in Egypt and they liked it. Work started round the clock to catch the summer season . On August 5th 2016, iCommunity App was launched in Hacienda Bay and Hacienda White in Egypt’s north coast. That was the first such app in all the Middle East. 

The company then expanded with Palm Hills through all their compounds in Cairo before starting to add new accounts across the country. Ein Bay was the first Ein Sokhna, Red Sea resort, and then Kattameya Heights the crown jewel of all Home Owners’ Associations in Egypt was implemented in June 2017.

Innovation has been the cornerstone of our operation and in summer 2017 we had the first access control solution via QR codes and scanners applied in Hacienda Bay that then became one of the key features.

In Summer 2018 the company raised $600M from Algebra Ventures VC fund and started a new era for growth. In 2019 the company piloted bringing in third parties to offer products and services to the users with an effort to delight all our premium customers with the best offerings. 2019 ended solid with doubling  the business and reaching over 50 gated communities in Egypt, backed by a very strong and passionate team. 

In 2020, and after long research and efforts iCommunity was rebranded to Lyve and the team is focused on growing further and adding key features related to fees collection via mobile payments.

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